DUC Technologies
DUC Technologies is a rapidly-growing software-consultancy company specializing on AI solutions, mathematical modelling, data warehouses and custom development
Our mission
Our mission is to maximize the effect from all company's data with all avalilable and suitable technologies
Who we are?
We are a team of big data enthusiasts who are open the new data challenges and projects. We are fully remote international team of experts with solid experience in Open-Source Big Data technologies, as well as different domains such as manufacturing, logistics, transport, tourism, healthcare, telecommunication, banking and energy industries
What we offer?
We provide solutions for creation of full AI & BI & DWH life-cycled projects as well as customer development, mathematical modelling and configuration. We support our clients from the initial architecture of solution to the final implemenattion and support.
  • AI & ML & DWH & Data Lake/ Data Mesh consultancy and implemetation
    We provide both consultancy and implementations for AI, ML, DWH , BI services and Data Lakes based on different technologies
  • Data integration and pipelines creation based on Open-Source big data technologies
    Based on Open-Source big data technologies, we build full data pipelines from the different source systems to the final data visualization
  • Mathematical modelling to solve specific AI use cases or increase efficiency of the predictions accuracy
    We use specific mathematical algorithms in order to increase accuracy of prediction according to the nature of the object or process. There are many scientific publications prooving the efficiency of such methods
  • Customer development (python)
    Our team of python developers can easily design and implement any integration, processing, analysis or prediction task using pure python code
How clients can benefit?
Our clients can get the following benefits:
  • Design of AI-processes
    The creation of AI-models together with an AI application is not easy and requires sophisticated knowledge and experience in math, technologies, programming and business processes. We provide full life cycle of AI services implementation
  • Optimize operational costs
    Using Data Analysis and predictions, you can easily see the bottlenecks of the operational processes, see the most problematic areas in your business and take actions
  • Find new data insights and dependancies
    It is not always clear and easy to get knowledge from your data. Sometimes, it is needed to check hundreds of different attributes of data - getting the data, joining and analyzing it from different sources, checking different models and finally get unbelievable insights of the data. Thus, using special deep learning and other models we get the unexpected values from your data
  • Increase accuracy of the AI models
    In order to increase prediction accuracy, we need to understand the nature of the object or the process. Then, we apply a set of different models, most suitable for the object bahaviour. The most of the models are speficly built using our own algorithms. The best model usually significantly increases accaracy of the current model
  • Create needed data pipelines & ETL & Dashboards
    Our team of data engineers can build a data pipeline, loading data from different types of sources, processing and analyzing the data, creating needed data marts. All proceesses are sincronized using orchestration fremework. On top of data marts, dashboards in BI are created
We help our clients to solve their data-issues. Each project is specific one and we treat it attentively in order to understand business needs. Our team has successfully finished more than 30 projects in different domains
Contact us
"If you are looking for Data Engineers, AI experts or BI Analysts, we are ready to help. Let's start cooperating!"
CEO of Data Under Control Technologies, Johannes Pohl
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