We provide full life cycle of AI solutions - from consultancy and project estimation to real implementation, go live, support and improvement.
AI Consulting
AI enables organization to increase their costs by preventing control actions truly forecasted beforehands by AI service. It saves operational costs, preventing incidents, increase purchases and predict required events
What we offer?
We offer different conculting services according to your needs from general AI consulting, AI Roadmap or strategy on the company level, to the real AI service implementation or improvement existing company services. Let's get in touch and explain all your AI needs and we will help you to find the best solution!
The typical AI project usually consists of the following stages
  • 1
    Preliminary phase
    Data Analysis & Feasibility study. The AI project usually starts with getting insights of the available data, target forecasted metric and evaluate the possibity of the implementation based on particular dataset. If there are enough data in order to make a relatvely good prediction, the project is estimated. During this stage we work closely with your team, cooperate and try to understand the data, the business needs and evaluate the feasibility of the result. This preliminary stage is very important cause many companies think about AI as a golden bullet, but it isn't.
  • 2
    Prototyping and implementation
    Prototype model creation by our experts. At this stage, we evaluate different models in order to achieve the best result in terms of prediction accuracy. We experiment with different models and, in some extraordinary cases, create new special case-specific mathematical models, which best suites for this particular data distribution and the nature of the process. At the end of the stage, we show the result of the model and build a full prototype, getting ready to go live.
  • 3
    Production deployment and integration into data infrastructure
    At this stage we integrate the prototype into your data infrastructure taking into account all requirements and limitations such as technological stack, model relearning time, data sources and the prediction outcomes. We make sure it works in prod!
  • 4
    Support the developed model and consultancy about model improvements
    At this stage we make sure the model is stable in production, as well as discuss possible ways of the model improvement by adding new additional data
Why choose us?
  • High own expertise level
    Our AI experts are highly-qualified mathematitians and python developers who can create case specific model for the project
  • Cost savings
    AI solution will help to optimize your costs or increase KPIs depending on your particular use case
  • Fast project implementation
    we can usually start to work on your AI project in 1 week
  • Stuff employments savings
    No need to hire own team and pay for full time job. You pay only for the worked time and solution
Which technologies we are using
One of the main technologies for AI today and main data processing language. It is widely used today because of its rich amount of available libraries for many use cases and support of many algorithms.
is an open-source deep learning framework which accelerates the way from research prototyping to production deployment.
is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of different libraries and tools. It is mainly used for many ML-related tasks such as classification, clusterization, discovery, perception, understanding, and prediction.
What AI experts do
The role of AI expert is comprehensive. The expert should have a solid knowledge of IT technologies and processes, good mathematical skills, know programming languages for data manipulation and good soft skills for understanding of the customer needs. Our experts are usually responsible for:
- Business processes analysis and understanding of the business needs
- Manipulating the data and getting data insights, preparing presentations as a results of data analysis
- Creating a model-prototype with required predictions
- Benchmarking of different models and their comparisons
- Design of the new matheatical models for particular tasks in some cases
- Demonstration of the results to our clients
- Creation of the production ready service with embedded prediction model ready to work on clients infrustructure
- Current model production support
- Consultancy and improvement of the current model
Contact us
Have questions? Contact us and explain your AI needs
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