Maxut Shadaev - about the development of AI

Saint Petersburg, June 16, 2023 – The Head of the Ministry of Digitalization discussed the key directions for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in 2023. Here are the main priorities:

1. Simple and Understandable Public Services

Interaction with the government should take place through interfaces that are easy for people to understand, allowing them to receive straightforward answers to their questions without delving into complex regulations. This approach aims to guide citizens through the entire process of obtaining a service. The Government Services Portal should become a form of a one-stop-shop with a single search bar or interface.

2. Supervision and Control

Artificial intelligence can help assess risks and simplify the work of controllers by determining where inspections are needed. The tax authorities have successfully implemented this functionality. A complex risk assessment model identifies the most problematic companies that require immediate attention.

3. Budget Allocation

AI technologies can provide at least a second opinion in decision-making related to budget allocation. AI can help determine, for example, which social support measures will have the greatest impact.

4. Complex Decision-Making

One of the important priorities is spatial planning, such as where to open schools or how to build roads. With the help of AI technologies, such questions can be addressed more promptly.

5. Anonymized Datasets

It is anticipated that a law requiring businesses and the government to create anonymized datasets for AI training will be adopted during the spring session of the State Duma. The law will regulate the methodology for anonymization to eliminate any threat to citizens' personal data.