We conduct big data analysis at a 30% cost reduction compared to the IT market, relying on scientific research and experience

Successful application of big data analysis and processing methods to solve various business tasks
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We are a team of experts in the field of Big Data, ready to deliver results and assist various companies in solving their data management challenges.

Our specialists have been successfully operating as a remote IT department for over 5 years, efficiently handling tasks in the field of Big Data and taking on the development and creation of complex IT products.

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of various companies through data management!

Who are we?

What will our data analysis solutions include?

Data integration services
Data integration is the process of loading heterogeneous data from different systems and data sources into a single logical location (typically a database or Data Lake). A comprehensive data integration solution consolidates data from various sources and helps corporate users and decision-makers gain insights and knowledge about all the loaded data in one place
Data management and orchestration
Using data management tools, it's important to achieve transparency for all available data, configure data quality tools, data catalogs, and glossaries. All stages of data processing are defined by a data pipeline that synchronizes all data management processes
Data Lake implementation
A data lake is a repository for storing various types of company data. A data lake stores all available data in one logical location, allowing for quicker insights into your data. Data lakes can store all types of data, including structured (tables), semi-structured (logs, XML, JSON), and unstructured (text, audio, video, images) data
AI & BI services
BI services can include both dashboards and services written in pure Python. Using dashboards, we can assist companies in visualizing their business analytics. Additionally, our artificial intelligence services can forecast the behavior of an object or process. The applications of AI services enable the automation of many operations and expedite data analysis and forecasting
And this is by no means an exhaustive list of solutions. With each client, we determine a customized scope of work that aligns specifically with their objectives!
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In which industries do we conduct data analysis?

Increasing profitability and attracting customers
Systematization of processes, cost optimization
Cargo transportation planning and transportation route optimization
Determining solvency and improving service quality
Assistance in personalizing assortment and delivery
Assistance in program selection and prevention of dismissals
Facilitating managerial decision-making
Gov. sector
Predicting diseases and collecting patient data
Hiring employees and preventing turnovers
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Improving customer service quality and departmental efficiency
Data storage cost optimization (through compression technologies)
Simplifying target audience identification and marketing strategy development
Systematizing operational processes and increasing decision-making speed
Simplifying forecasting of metrics and processes for specific tasks
Accelerating the launch of new projects and business initiatives

The advantages of implementing Big Data analysis for business and beyond

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