Import Substitution of
Western Software

It is no secret that many Western companies are leaving or have left the Russian software market for political reasons. We are ready to replace many of the companies that have left the Russian market with Open-Source alternatives or our own developments!

Our team is ready to replace the following solutions:

Data orchestration refers to the synchronization of various data management processes. We use the de facto IT industry standard, Apache Airflow, and have extensive experience in its use.
Solutions in the area of classical data warehousing based on PostgreSQL and Greenplum. We are ready to consider various project options based on these technologies.
Solutions for implementing Data Lakes based on Apache Hadoop technologies and its ecosystem - Apache Hbase, Hive, Phoenix, Kafka, Zeppelin, Ranger, Knox, and others. Implementation can be done using vanilla Open-Source builds as well as various ready-made distributions.
Solutions for implementing Data Lakes
Data orchestration
Data visualization based on both open-source solutions like Apache Superset and specific BI solutions. We are ready to assist with migrating projects from Qlik Sense to Apache Superset.
Data visualization
Solutions in the area of classical data warehousing
Data quality management services. We develop specialized data quality management application services in any data storage and Data Lake based on Python.
Data quality management services
Импортозамещение в ИТ
We develop our own solutions using various Open-Source frameworks. Depending on the client's requirements and the availability of specific infrastructure, we design integration processes based on different technologies.
All solutions in the field of data integration
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The main technologies we have selected for data management solutions migration are:

Transactional data storage systems
Analytical Data Warehouses (DWH)
PostgreSQL; Greenplum

Quick Showcases and Time Series

Clickhouse & Apache Druid
Data Lake
Apache Hadoop & S3 Minio
Data transport and data bus
Apache NIFI
Streaming data processing
Apache Flink; Apache Spark
Data orchestration management and pipeline construction
Apache Airflow
Apache Superset


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