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Using Python and Airflow for building data pipelines

No more command line or XML black magic! Use standard Python functions to create workflows, including date and time formats for scheduling and loops for dynamic task creation. This allows you to maintain complete flexibility when building workflows.
Why Python?
Reliable integrations
Airflow provides a plethora of plug-and-play operators ready to perform your tasks on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and many other third-party services. This makes it easy to apply Airflow to existing infrastructure and expand the capabilities of next-generation technologies.
Anyone who knows Python can set up a workflow. Apache Airflow doesn't limit the scope of your pipelines; you can use it for creating machine learning models, data transfer, infrastructure management, and much more.
Easy to use
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What can we offer you?

Полное сопровождение данных, контроль и учёт разрозненностей версий и форматов, протоколов и форм
Data source integrations
Creating data quality management services in the storage
Data quality management
We employ new methods of data movement and orchestration, reducing the risk of data loss or distortion
Data orchestration
Based on applied development in Python and Apache Airflow, it is possible to replace expensive proprietary Western solutions with domestic alternatives
Import substitution of Western software
By leveraging Airflow and custom Python extensions, it's possible to automate the construction of pipelines and reduce development costs for a single data integration. Our team has the necessary expertise and a proprietary data integration automation framework built on Apache Airflow
Building automation frameworks for data pipelines for a large number of teams
With Python, it's possible to support data transformation logic of any complexity
Translation of ETL into Python

Spheres and industries of language application {Python}

Assistance in program selection and prevention of dismissals
Gov. sector
Facilitating managerial decision-making
Predicting diseases and collecting patient data
Hiring employees and preventing turnovers
Assistance in personalizing assortment and delivery
Determining solvency and improving service quality
Increasing profitability and attracting customers
Systematization of processes, cost optimization
Cargo transportation planning and transportation route optimization
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