Implementation of RPA and application of robotization for business processes

Robotic process automation accelerates the digital transformation of business processes by automatically performing worker actions that have no added value.
A software robot is a software product that reproduces an employee's actions according to an algorithm, performing operations for him through interaction through an interface, API, keyboard and mouse.

What is the advantage of robots over a full-time employee?

Work 24 hours 365 days a year
Strict process SLA requirement
Can perform any number of heterogeneous tasks
Performing operations on average 20 times faster than a person
Not subject to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
Performs only formalized operations
Real employees
Work 8 hours 5 days a week excluding holidays, vacations and sickness
Compliance with SLA processes on the situation
Can process tasks only within the competence
Subject to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
Knows how to handle any exceptions

What is the advantage of robots over full automation?

Low cost of launching a robot
Rapid development by copying user actions
Working with and without APIs. Working with "old" systems
Automation of AS-IS processes
Low cost of launching a robot
High cost (expensive specialists, expensive licenses)
Long development time, high risks
Covers not all scenarios and requires integration interfaces
To realize the potential of automation, serious refinement of business processes is often required
Attended (escort bot)

Types of robots and their deployment:

Unattended (unaccompanied bot)
Deploy to a user workstation
Automation of part of the process
User Launch
Server Deployment
Automate the entire process
Run on a schedule or event

Robot functionality:

Working in databases: recording, transformation, copying, filling out input forms in applications.
Open e-mail messages and attached files, copy and move files and folders.
Complex routine operations where you need to enter or transfer data from one system to another.
Working with data: upload, analysis, formatting, reporting, machine learning.
Work in 1C, SAP, any CRM and other information systems.
Analysis, uploading, loading data into MS Word, MS Excel and other office applications.
Image recognition and processing, extracting data from image files.
Analysis and consolidation of data from any source: databases, sites, social networks, information systems.

Robot functionality:

Transfer and reconcile data between systems
Check customer and vendor information for compliance
Posting and Payment Requests to the Accounting System
Company Regulatory Reference Management
Generate documents and references (e.g. HR)
Clarification of order information (status, date, deliveries)

RPA Application Areas

Accounts department
• Certificates of Reconciliation
• Advance reports
• Bank statements
• Reconciliation to Reverse Balance Sheet
• Processing of payment orders
• Preparation of cover letters
• Loading of IFRS and MDA data
• Verification procedures
• Processing of applications
• Statistical reports
HR department
• References 2-NDFL
• Establishment of accounts
• Disability certificates
• Urgent leave
• Termination/employment due to changes in Legal persons
• Reports on those admitted and dismissed
• Search for site resumes
• Calculation of salaries
• Delivery and reconciliation of tax returns
• Requests and messages to suppliers
• Processing supplier requisitions and verifying their documents
• Notifications to suppliers
• Control of delivery dates
• Approval and signing of specifications
• Create outbound deliveries for railway shipments in ERP
• Register delivery notes in ERP and create payment requests
• Inventory records in ERP, reconciliation of inventory records
Document flow
• Duplication of target and historical EDM systems
• Control of expiring transactions
• Electronic archive upload and routing
• Control of documents reflection in ERP
• Reports based on uploads from 1C and their distribution
• Entering transactions under contracts into 1C
• Processing email attachments
Service and Sales
• Handling complaints
• CRM Service Requests
• Collection and analysis of price changes
• Fast processing of applications with a low error rate
• Reconcile meter readings
External systems
• Registration of real estate transactions
• Registration of insurance contracts
• Currency Exchange
• Requests from government agencies
• Check tax base dates
• Uploading documentation to the public procurement site
• Participation in tenders at sites - "battle of robots"

Payback Period:

Usually RPA projects pay off within 3-9 months.

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